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 How to roleplay.

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PostSubject: How to roleplay.   Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:45 am

Don't doublepost. If you had, you can delete one of them, or if you can't ask a mod, or an admin.
Stay on topic. Remember that your character is a wolf, so no lightsabers, etc.
Stay realistic. If your wolf gets wounded, hell probably will have some kind of slowing factor. (
i.e.: your character has a wound on one of his/her leg, then he will move slover.)
When you are about to post make sure you've read at least the page your post will be on, and the one that's before it. (
so the last page, and the one that's right before it.)
Not nessesary but try to post more that a three-word sentence. It will be more enjoyable for the ones who read your post if it's detailed.

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How to roleplay.
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