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 Ranks in the packs.

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PostSubject: Ranks in the packs.   Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:51 am

Alphas are the head lead of the pack. They lead the pack to new territorys when needed.
They also control on what happens. Every pack member respects this rank. They are always loyal to them. What ever says goes. The Alphas hold most meetings but one.

Sub Alphas:
Sub Alphas follow the alphas. They help things run smoothly. When ever the alphas are not there the Sub Alphas take over to keep the pack in tack as a normal alpha would. This rank is for only active members, and members who are respectful and the Alphas can look up to them. The Sub Alphas hold one meeting.

The pups are the youngsters of the pack. They are manly the ones in "training" for a good rank. If they are a lead pup meaning they are the Alphas pup it means they will be next for being Sub Alpha or Alpha.

Betas are third in command. They follow the Alphas and Sub Alphas command. They make sure all wolves are in place. There for doing there jobs correctly. They will say whos here and whos not. If the Betas are gone the Deltas will take their place until they come back.

Fourth in command are the Deltas, They take all their knowledge and care for the betas. When the Betas are not there the Deltas take over. Deltas must know how to do their job and the Betas job as well. This is a important rank just like the Betas and Sub Alphas.

The Pupsitters protect, and keep the pups company. Pupsitters are important to all the pups for there for they make sure all pups are happy, not sad. They make sure no one is hurt. This rank needs active members because we all know how pups are. Playfully, friendly, goofy, and they like to explore. This rank is for wolves who know what they are doing and they are doing it right.

The guards of the pack guard the packs dens, and territory. They stop at nothing to make sure everyone is safe. They guard the dens from Bears, Coyotes, Foxes, and maybe loners. This is another important job. Everyone should respect this rank as so any other rank.

Sentinels are a very honored rank. Thats because they help break up fights, and keep peace. They will also try to stop from a fight happening. Either by trying to make them laugh, or well if they have an idea that might work they will use it.
If someone is in trouble the Sentinels are there ready to fight for his/hers pack members life.

Warriors help fight for the pack. They might fight to the death if needed but mostly they try not to. The warriors are always lead my one Lead Warrior. He/She gives the others who to fight and when to start. After each fight if won the lead warrior will be given the pride to work with the Alphas for a day.

Scouts, scout out the packs territory. They warn the Alphas or Sub Alphas when danger is coming. They don't fight but only just warn. Scouts are always lead by a pair. The pair tell the other scouts where to look and make sure no one is coming. They help the warriors by telling them where the "danger" is coming from.

The hunters of the pack hunts down prey animals for the pack. They make sure no pack members starve. They hunt down animals as big as a Moose, and Elk. Or to an animal the size of a Goose, Rabbit, or Mouse. They work together to hunt down these animals.

Spies of the pack spy on other packs. Like if a pack plans on raiding this pack the "Spies" Will know their plan, come back to the "Warriors" and tell them the enemies pack's plan. Then we will be ready for them. The "Spies" are also important to the pack. They help us like I said plan for the next raid.

Healers of the pack help heal hurt wolves. These wolves should know all herbs, spices, and soups to heal the pack's wounds. All of the pack's members should listen to them when they are hurt such as deep wounds, cuts, bite marks ect.

Omegas are the lowest rank in the pack. They get the brunt of the wolf pack chores and duties, Omegas are very cheerful and ussually enjoy what they do. Some of Omegas jobs are, clean out the packs old carcass, have to sniff out the droppings of the animals, and have to remain respectful to every member. Even the cubs.

Lone Wolfs:
Lone wolfs are wolfs without a pack,etheir by exile or choice. They are ussually ran out of terrioty when they eneter it.Lone wolfs can ussually be expected into a pack if they do the pack a deed or service. When they enter a pack the head alpha decides what rank they get.
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Ranks in the packs.
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