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 Hutch- My wolf for RP

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Name: Hutch
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PostSubject: Hutch- My wolf for RP   Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:39 pm

Name: Hutch
Fur color: Black and grey
Eye color: Green
Age: 4
Rank: Alpha

Hutch was born during a time of trouble. Food was scarce, rival packs were attacking daily. It was a wonder the little pup survived. He and his older brother, Seth, were as close as they could be. When Hutch was only 8 months old, he left his birth pack due to reasons unknown at the time. He had wandered the country before finding this wonderful land and settling down to create his own pack. Hutch's personality is a fun one. He loves to play and finds interest in the smallest of things. But cross him, and one will most likely find themselves with their meat shirt open and looking at their own heart. MUAHAHAHAH! Hutch is very loyal and is willing to die to protect those he cares about.
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Hutch- My wolf for RP
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