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 The Wild at Home

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PostSubject: The Wild at Home   Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:49 pm

"Let your mind soar! But be careful, lest it never come back." ~ Me

Hutch groaned as he laid himself down on a high, smooth rock in the sun and, perhaps for the fifth time today, cursed his lot in life. Hutch is the Alpha of the small, but growing, pack called Spirit's Edge.   [i]Why did I ever talk myself into doing this? [i] He thought. One never did understand the struggles and difficulty of bringing wolves together to form a pack until one actually did it.

Hutch closed his eyes, savoring the warm sun on his dark pelt and tried to relax. A noise near him caused his eyes to open and he saw a rabbit hop by.

"Not enough to make a meal," he thought out loud. The rabbit, hearing his voice, looked at him and took off. Grumbling, Hutch cast his gaze over his pack's territory to see what the rest of the pack was up to.
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The Wild at Home
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