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 How to make your Wolf

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PostSubject: How to make your Wolf    Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:27 pm

Okay since this is a wolf rp you need to know how to make your wolf((duh!)) In this section I suggest you post your wolf rp. Also everyone can;t be main charchters from wolfs from books so make sure that you do not take anyone elses wolfs. Also making a wolf is better than using a wolf from a story because you can expand on it more.
What you need to put in your wolf rp is:

Fur color:
Eye color:
Rank(( Post something here and then wait for approval for this)):
Wolf age:
Pack((you have to wait for confirmation on this))
Short/long description:

Name is what your wolfs name is
Sex is what your gender is. it is suggested you play as your own gender, but not ruled agasint.
Fur color is what the color of your wolfs pelt is. Please note do not chosses something ridiciousl ex: Bright purple
Eye color is what your wolfs eye color is.
Rank is what you want your wolfs rank to be. So if you think you want to be a alpha then you should probaly start out as a pup because most packs won't allow you to start as a alpha.
Wolf age is how old your wolf is. Wolf years are differant from human years. Your wolf dosen't have to grow older in anytime if you so chose so. Your wolf is considered young if it is 0-3((0-12)) months. ((13-17))4-12 is more of a juvineile. 1 year-2 year is young adult.((18-25 human years)) 2+ is considered full grown.
Pack is what pack you want to join. Post on pack central asking them if you can join. They may have a form you have to sumbit when you join so make sure to fill it out.
The the short long description is like a basic background on your wolf.

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PostSubject: Re: How to make your Wolf    Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:02 am

Here's a link so you can make your own wolf if you having problems to find a good pic:


If you have finished working on your wolf just simply Print Screen it and edit with whatever program you use for editing pics.

(I used Photoshop to get rid of the "WINDBAIN.DEVIANTART.COM" title.)
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How to make your Wolf
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